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My Conservative Record


I am blessed to have been the leading voice for conservative Missourians in both the State House and the State Senate. I’m proud of my conservative achievements and enjoy fighting every day for Missourians’ liberties and freedoms. Now, with radical Democrats in power in Washington D.C. attempting to destroy what made our country great, I am ready to take my proven conservative leadership to Congress to stand up for our southwest Missouri values.


Top-Ranked Conservative

As a Missouri legislator, I am ranked number one in the state by the leading conservative groups in the country. American Conservative Union gave me a lifetime score of 97.47%, and Club for Growth gave me a lifetime score of 100%.


Backing President Trump’s Agenda

From the moment he was elected liberal Democrats did everything they could to squash President Trump’s agenda, including impeaching him twice. In January 2020, I filed Senate Concurrent Resolution 40 condemning the sham impeachment proceedings conducted largely behind closed doors. I have always been a supporter of Trump’s America First Agenda that slashed taxes, protected our border, created jobs, and adhered to the principals of the Constitution.


2nd Amendment Champion

I have long been fighting for Missouri’s 2nd Amendment rights. Not only was I chairman of the Missouri Sportsmen's Caucus, but in 2016, I was proud to sponsor and pass Constitutional Carry, Stand Your Ground, and in 2021 the Second Amendment Preservation Act– SAPA, a bill to restore 2nd Amendment Rights to citizens of Missouri. This legislation is now law and sent a strong message to the federal government that our rights are not to be infringed.

I am consistently given the highest rating achievable by the National Rifle Association.


Friend of the Business Community

In August 2016, I received the Business Advocate of the Year award from Springfield Business Journal for my work on tax reform for Missouri manufacturers that became the national standard according to PriceWaterhouseCoopers, medical malpractice tort reform, and focusing part of the state budget toward job training programs and healthcare at Missouri State University, instead of funding more liberal arts programs at Mizzou.


In the State Senate, I worked to pass the first-in-the-nation covid liability protection legislation that will protect our businesses and aid in economic recovery.


Families First Values

Life, faith, and family are not just political issues– they are the strongholds for our communities and they’re at the very core of every Missourian. That’s why I adamantly worked to protect these values. In the Senate I sponsored the “Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act” requiring any child who survives an abortion to be given life-saving medical care. That piece of legislation was on Liberty Alliance’s list of top 12 conservative bills introduced in the Missouri legislature. In addition, I have sponsored and fought for bills protecting students' religious liberties in our schools.


Fixing Broken Systems

I have experience identifying holes in our systems and working quickly to fix them. As President Trump fought election integrity at the national level, I battled it at the state level by spearheading legislation to clean up rampant initiative petitions and referendums. One of my proudest achievements, however is passing Hailey’s Law after the the murder of a girl named Hailey Owens — an immense tragedy for our Ozark community. That law reforms and streamlines the Amber Alert system so parents like Hailey’s won't have to waste one second when every second counts.


National Leader on Healthcare

In 2011, I was the first state legislator in the nation to introduce the Health Care Compact, now law in Missouri and seven other states. A couple years later, I was honored with an award by the National Multiple Sclerosis Society for sponsoring legislation that would reauthorize charitable tax credits, including a credit for residential renovations for disability access. While volunteering at the Joplin tornado disaster area, I learned that out-of-state doctors were prohibited from providing free care. So, I sponsored and passed a Good Samaritan law in 2013 that allows doctors to volunteer their services without worry of lawsuits and red-tape.

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I am proud of my record, but now I’m taking the fight for freedom to Washington!

I am going to DC to clean house…that means:

  • Enacting federal term limits

  • Stopping Earmarks and boondoggle insider D.C. spending on lobbyist pet projects

  • Kicking the RINOs out and taking back the House – real conservatives only!

The Biden Administration and his liberal cohorts in Congress have been a disaster for our country. We need leaders in Congress committed to:

  • America First Values

  • Freedom & personal responsibility

  • Controlling spending, stopping inflation, & reducing the national debt

  • Job creating…not job killing

  • Less taxes on all Americans!

  • Fighting Biden’s gun grab

  • Election integrity & oversight

  • Border security

Diagonal Lines

Join me in my fight to take America back from the woke liberal Democrats and restore Constitutional values and smart leadership to our nation!

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